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Truly an industry first at the time of its launch GS1 is the only water-based graphene ceramic coating on the market. While others used harmful solvent carriers that made the user experience one that left you with a mild headache, Sunday Best is different. We prefer to assist you in...
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Sunday Best GS1

Truly an industry first at the time of its launch GS1 is the only water-based graphene ceramic coating on the market. While others used harmful solvent carriers that made the user experience one that left you with a mild headache, Sunday Best is different. We prefer to assist you in making the time spent with your car is enjoyable and fun. It's a graphene ceramic sealant all in one formula, truly a first of its kind.

The water-based formula takes only minutes to apply to the entire surface, Not hours like others. It can also act as a stand-alone protectant or as a maintenance topper for other ceramic coatings, waxes, or sealants.  

We infused graphene for added gloss, slickness, and durability into an already jam-packed ceramic spray. Utilizing the latest graphene from Japan and the UK and nanotechnology from The USA, we made the world's easiest to use graphene surface protectant.

GS1, as we like to call it, is a simple spray, wipe and repeat product. You can spray it everywhere and anywhere at any time, even in direct sunlight.  From paint, glass to chrome, and even windows, GS1 offers long-lasting protection on virtually any hard surface.

It offers 6-12 months of durability under normal driving conditions. Still, it's so easy to use we often find ourselves using it after every wash just because we are addicted to the gloss it gives, not to mention how easy it makes the next car wash. Because of its self-cleaning properties, your car will stay cleaner longer, but also, when the time comes to rewash your car, it's much easier because any remaining dirt comes right off with free-flowing water. Paired with our Sunday Soap and you will have a detailing experience as you've never had before.

GS1 works best when applied after washing the vehicle with Sunday Soap to free it of any old waxes, sealants, or other harmful contaminants that may interfere with the bonding of GS1 to the surface.

Graphene aids in helping prevent water spots on all surfaces; paint, glass, wheels, chrome, and more!

GS1 is layerable - the more, the better! More gloss, more slickness, and more protection. 

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1. For best results, wash the car with Sunday Soap to ensure any old waxes or sealants have been properly removed from the surface so that you can get GS1 to bond properly to the surface, ensuring the best results possible.

2. After you have dried the car, working one panel or section of the car at a time, spray 2-3 sprays directly into your microfiber towel or onto the surface and spread evenly.

3. With a separate dry microfiber towel, buff that same section until dry.

4. Repeat around the car and on any surface as desired.

5. Let GS1 cure for at least 1 hour before adding a second layer. The full cure time is 24 hours.

6. Stand back and enjoy the fact that you just gave your car the Sunday Best Treatment. 

We usually process and ship out each product within 1-3 business days. This can be longer during the holiday season (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.).

We strive to provide you with the best products we can. If for any reason you are unhappy with the product, we offer a complete replacement for up to 1 year after the purchase date.

You can return items in new and unused conditions for a full refund up to 30 days after the delivery date.

You can return or exchange any item up to 30 days after delivery.

Sunday Best will not be liable for any damaged or lost products during shipment. If the order received is not in good condition or damage, you may contact the shipment carrier. If they do not respond, please contact us, and we will send you a replacement at no charge.

All packaging materials and damaged goods must be saved in order to file a claim.

If you love our products, we ask that you tell 3 of your friends about us, if you are not satisfied with our products we ask that you tell us!

Frequently asked questions

We’re not simply another repackaged car care brand. We are the manufacturing, design, blender, customer service, and in-house fulfillment. Our Team has been innovating, creating, and blending private label car care for over a decade. Sunday Best is our premium car care product line with a simple commitment.

We ONLY use grade A++ raw materials in our products, unlike most other brands who settle for B-rated or sometimes even C-rated raw materials, which cost significantly less and perform significantly worse. These B and C-rated raw materials are also considerably more harmful to you and our environment. With all of our products, you will notice that they are easy to use, have a fresh scent, and deliver an unparalleled result. We only use the best of the best materials to formulate our products.

Sunday Best provides the best products that deliver incredible results at the best price possible.
Developing a maintenance regimen for the ascetics of your car is super crucial to its longevity. Because some factors and circumstances are out of our control, we only give time frames on how long each product should last. These can vary depending on where the car lives, how it’s maintained, how often it is maintained, and how often it is driven and driven in unusual circumstances.

We only use grade A++ raw materials in our products, so you can be assured that regardless of where you live or what your car goes through on a day-to-day basis, Sunday Best products are the BEST option for you.

Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating (GS1) - 6-12 months. Frequently reapplying will dramatically extend this timeframe, and more layers are always better. You can NEVER have too many layers on your car.

Ceramic Trim Restorer (TR1) - This is a true restorer; it brings plastic trim back to a “factory reset” - As with factory trim, if you do not maintain it, it will begin to fade again within 12-24 months. We recommend using TD1 for maintaining TR1 every 2-3 months.

Tire Dressing (TD1) - Because it is dilatable, there may be a broader range in longevity. In our testing, when used non-diluted, you will see up to 4 weeks of durability on tires and trim. When diluted, that time frame can be around the 2-3 week mark, but results may vary.
Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating (GS1) - Because of its highly concentrated formula, you only need about 1-2 oz per car. You should be able to get 7-8 vehicles out of each bottle, making it one of the most affordable products on the market.

Ceramic Trim Restorer (TR1) - Again, you only will need a few ounces per car because of its highly concentrated formula. But depending on the starting condition of the plastic, it may require more product. In our testing, one 8oz bottle will cover about 3-4 mid-size cars.

Tire Dressing (TD1) - In our testing, one bottle will cover about 20 car tires or 80 individual tires when using it non-diluted. Depending on how you may dilute the product, it will go much further.

Soap (PS1) - We recommend 2-4oz for best results per car wash. This bottle will give you 4-8 car washes per bottle.
Yes. But, if the surface already has sun damage or oxidation, our products cannot reverse that damage. Use often to help protect from future issues.
We only use grade A++ raw materials because those are the only materials that can be used across multiple surfaces. From cars, trucks, and SUVs to RV’s, boats, and other OHV’s - Sunday Best is the only brand protecting all of your toys.

Most Asked Technical Questions

Yes, the uniqueness of GS1 makes it a perfect maintenance product for any professionally applied ceramic coating. You’ll save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself.
We highly recommend that you have a different brand tire dressing on the tire to clean it thoroughly before you apply TD1 for the first time. Once you have a base layer of TD1 on the tire, you do not have to clean off TD1 before reapplying
Yes, it will clean the paint, but it will not break down the ceramic coating itself.
Yes, all our products have been uniquely formulated to be highly user-friendly and work in a variety of situations. When working in extreme temperatures, we recommended working in smaller sections and using more caution.
This is Precisely why we designed our soap the way, we did. Soap or better known as (PS1) is a strong cleaning soap that acts as a cleanser to the paint. It will lift and wash away any surface particles or contaminants, ensuring proper bonding when applying GS1. It is also strongly recommended that your clay bar remove any embedded particles or harmful contaminants that may linger in the paint.
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