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Sunday Best Car Care

Graphene Ceramic Spray

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Truly an industry first at the time of its launch GS1 is the only water-based graphene ceramic coating on the market. While others used harmful solvent carriers that made the user experience one that left you with a mild headache, Sunday Best is different. We prefer to assist you in making the time spent with your car is enjoyable and fun. It's a graphene ceramic sealant all in one formula, truly a first of its kind.

The water-based formula takes only minutes to apply to the entire surface, Not hours like others. It can also act as a stand-alone protectant or as a maintenance topper for other ceramic coatings, waxes, or sealants.  

We infused graphene for added gloss, slickness, and durability into an already jam-packed ceramic spray. Utilizing the latest graphene from Japan and the UK and nanotechnology from The USA, we made the world's easiest to use graphene surface protectant.

GS1, as we like to call it, is a simple spray, wipe and repeat product. You can spray it everywhere and anywhere at any time, even in direct sunlight.  From paint, glass to chrome, and even windows, GS1 offers long-lasting protection on virtually any hard surface.

It offers 6-12 months of durability under normal driving conditions. Still, it's so easy to use we often find ourselves using it after every wash just because we are addicted to the gloss it gives, not to mention how easy it makes the next car wash. Because of its self-cleaning properties, your car will stay cleaner longer, but also, when the time comes to rewash your car, it's much easier because any remaining dirt comes right off with free-flowing water. Paired with our Sunday Soap and you will have a detailing experience as you've never had before.

GS1 works best when applied after washing the vehicle with Sunday Soap to free it of any old waxes, sealants, or other harmful contaminants that may interfere with the bonding of GS1 to the surface.

Graphene aids in helping prevent water spots on all surfaces; paint, glass, wheels, chrome, and more!

GS1 is layerable - the more, the better! More gloss, more slickness, and more protection.