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Elevate your car care

Sunday Best Car Care was started from the simple idea that Sundays are the best day of the week, especially for car people like us. Sundays are when all the car shows happen, when all the car meets happen, and most importantly, when all the car cleaning happens.


Why Sunday Best?

Sundays are special; car cruises, car shows, meet up's and cleaning the fleet for the week all take place on Sunday. Sunday Best strives to integrate into your Sunday (or any other day for that matter) by making it easier for your car, truck, boat RV, or anything with wheels to be cleaner for longer and shine brighter than any other moving vehicle. We do this by offering the highest quality products that are simple to understand, easy to use, and deliver the best results. Make your Sunday the best day ever!

What really get's our moter runnin'

Sundays are magical, and we strive to keep them that way. Simple products that are easy to use with exceptional results made to the highest standards in the coastlands of California. We consider our environment, our surroundings, and nature when making and packaging our products. All our products are water-based, eco-conscious, environmentally friendly, and bio-degradable.

Best day of the week. for sure!

We created products born in the California coast lands, just like us. In fact, all of our products are tested, developed, packaged, and shipped right from the car mecca of the world.

We strongly believe we created the worlds best car care for people who are car fanatics and have the most discerning eye for their car. Join us on the journey of making Sunday's the most enjoyable part of your week!

What Other's Are Saying

Best car soap ever...

Garrett - Saint Paul, MN

Soap is soap right? Apparently not, this stuff cleans my car better than any soap ive ever used

Easiest Ceramic Coating Ive Ever Used.

Luke - OC, Ca

Super Easy Application and Even better shine

Don't Waste Your Money...

Jay - Long Beach, CA

Don’t waste your time or money on the other brands - get sunday best and be done

Wonder Worker...I Can't Believe it.

Karen - So Cal, CA

Its truly a wonderworker, totally transformed the fenders on my jeep. Just a quick tip, make sure you wipe any excess off after application. I didn't and after a rain storm came through it ran down the side of my paint a little. Still 5 Stars.

This Tire Shine Is Crazy...

Keith - St Paul, MN

So nice to finally have a GREAT dilutable, waterbased tire coating. Im tired off all these other brands that release tire coatings that make my shop and garage smell like a gas station. Not to mention I feel like I die a little bit every time I use them.

My Secret Formula...

Josh - LA,CA

Here’s my secret formula for great results, 1:1 for tire dressing. 4:1 for plastic/leather/vinyl interior. More of a finish dressing after cleaning.

Skeptic To Believer

Kelly - So Cal, CA

I bought this stuff after seeing a professional detailer on YouTube testing it out. Damn, this stuff is insane! So many uses and I love how I can dilute it if I want less of a shine. Here are all the things I use it on: Uses: Black trim, Plastics, Bed Liner, Tires/Rubber, Engine bay.

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