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Sunday Best Car Care

Ceramic Trim Restorer

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TR1 as we like to call it around here is a ceramic infused trim restorer and protectant. No longer do you need one product to restore your trim and another to protect it. At Sunday Best we are all about making your Sunday (or any other day you may be cleaning your cars) the most enjoyable day ever, so we made products to help you with that. 

TR1 is VERY different from the other trim products on the market. First and foremost, it just works - any trim, anywhere the faded plastic may be, any time without having to mask off any areas.

TR1 doesn't contain any dyes or pigments, meaning you do not have to worry about having dirty, dyed, greasy hands after using it.  We also paired it with a fresh scent instead of the toxic solvent smell most other trim restorer products on the market come with; this is just one more way we make the time you spend cleaning your car more enjoyable.

TR1 can also be used on engine bays, door seals, interiors, and even tires for a super high gloss.

TR1 is not a dressing or a cover-up - it is a TRUE trim restoration product. It takes dulled, faded, and lion stripped plastic trim and restores it to a better than factory finish in a straightforward application. TR1 can also be layered for even more protection and gloss.