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Sunday Best Car Care

Winter Prep Bundle

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Winter can be harsh on your car - we created the ultimate bundle. 

Salt, dirt, road grime can all make your car look super nasty during the winter time. We figured out the best combo to combat this - Our Sunday Soap + Graphene Ceramic Spray. Here is why: 

Sunday Soap has intelligent pH surfactants which help break down all the winter boogers. The best part is if you have any current wax or coating on your car it wont break down any of that, just the bad stuff. 

Why our customers love it: 

  • Works in a foam canon or bucket 
  • Safely breaks down dirt and grime to eliminate the chance of scratching your car 
  • Heavy suds and foam 
  • Works perfectly in direct sun or cold temperatures 

Graphene Ceramic Spray is a water-based ceramic and graphene infused coating that adds a ton of gloss, slickness and protection against whatever the elements may be. Its so good that it helps keep your car cleaner for longer and will make your next wash with Sunday Soap even easier. 

Why our customers love it: 

  • Water based - no harsh chemicals or smells 
  • Goes on super easy - no streaking, no issues. 
  • Last months - It doesn't wash off after a car wash or harsh winter
  • Can be layered - add it on after every wash for extra shine and gloss. 


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